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Battle for Common Sense

by Tom Buchanan

Over the past thirty to forty years I have on occasion wanted to set my hair on fire because some action by the government does not make any sense at all to me. I know many other people feel the same way.

Perhaps the answer to why things don’t make sense is easy to explain once we realize what has been happening for past one hundred plus years. The year 1913 was a bad year for the United States, depending on your point of view. It was the year that Americans began paying taxes on their labor. The start of the dreaded income tax began that year. It was not supposed to be a tax on everyone, just a few rich people and just a minimal percentage of their income.

That year also brought about the Seventeenth Amendment which change the way the U.S. Senate was elected. Instead of being selected by each state legislature to be the watchdogs and guard the rights of the states from an over reaching federal government the Senate was now comprised of senators selected by popular vote which added yet another layer of partisan politics to the mix.

Since that fatal year in America we have slowly, but surely been spoon-fed small doses of socialism. If socialist/progressives would have tried to change society all at once it truly would have been a bitter pill to swallow and there would have been a revolution.

You cannot change a society from a freedom loving one based on the individual to one where the individual takes a back seat to the state overnight. It has to be done in a slow, progressive manner that does not raise too many red flags on the battlefield.

There are many instances of government actions not making sense. School choice and education in general stands out along with ways to improve the economy. One side in the education battle thinks it would be a great idea to teach children to be individuals and employ critical thinking in life matters. We must remember that there has been 100 years of indoctrination which increases notion that individuals are subservient to the state. With each passing generation of children going through the government school system the indoctrination grows thicker.

Then there is health care and the Great Society and Medicaid and Medicare that have done much to shape the societal change from individual to group think. Every bad habit from smoking to shoving too many doughnuts down our throats to lack of exercise has brought about more government intrusion via regulations because the health of the individual affects the health of the population as a whole. We must all become healthy comrades.

Then of course there is the economy which has been proven many times to get better when government gets out of the way, reduces regulations and the tax burdens and gives the free market system a chance to show it’s stuff. The individual entrepreneur will reign and the economy will get back on track.

Remember whenever something does not make sense realize that we are in a war to define common sense. Here is how common sense is defined in Wikipedia Common sense is a basic ability to perceive, understand, and judge things, which is shared by (“common to”) nearly all people, and can be reasonably expected of nearly all people without any need for debate.

Oh, that is right the debate on climate change is over. Where have we heard that?

So what we have believed to be common sense for thousands of years is changing as the majority of the people come to perceive things differently. Work hard, save your money for a rainy day, don’t depend on the government have been replaced by take what you can from the government, spend like there is no tomorrow because the government will take care of you.

So, whenever you feel like your head is going to explode and the eyes are going to be thrust across the room because something does not make sense remember there is a war to define common sense and it will drive you insane.

Reality Check: The Most Important Election

We have all heard for the past few decades how this election is the most important election of our lives. As each election cycle passes the sheer reality is that statement is imminently true. This election is no different.

We have also made the statement that we need to fight for the taking back of America with the same vigor and fortitude that our Founding Fathers fought for their freedom. Perhaps we ask too much of the citizens of the United States. Our Founding Fathers did not enjoy the freedom and liberty that their sacrifices bestowed upon this great nation. They were oppressed, they hungered for personal freedom, and they had something to fight for; the dream of liberty.

They realized in the Declaration of Independence that people would not rise up as long as the pain was not too bad to endure with this statement. ‘and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.’

We have a divided country, much like was the case before the Revolutionary War. One third see the need for change, one third are happy taking from the government, and the other third will accept whatever the human condition is at the time.

Today many of us see the steady progression towards socialism and communism that has taken place over the past century in America. Many want to enjoy freedom that does not come from a handout from the government, but rather through individual liberty and self-reliance. Then we have close to half of the population that pays no taxes and have been taught well how to exist by becoming slaves to a government that will dole out money and benefits. They do not realize that it can be taken away just as easily as it is given. The other third are happy to have a job and enjoy their big screen televisions, rooting for their favorite sports teams and as long as they have their simple luxuries everything just fine.

With that in mind I don’t see how we can expect the people to rise up and ‘take our country back.’ Too many people are happy in the illusion that we are a free society, endowed with freedom and liberty.

The most important election very well may not occur until there is a complete total collapse in our way of life. When the government can no longer write checks to the masses and our utility bills and general cost of living rises above the middle classes’ ability to afford the lifestyle they are accustomed to, then there will be chaos and we will be in the same position that our Founding Fathers faced. Only then we will be able to convince people that we need to act with the same vigor and fortitude that they displayed.

We have seen the Congress shirk their duties and spinelessly give in to the Executive branch of the government for decades. Nothing short of dragging them out and tar and feathering them and running them out of Washington on a rail will seemingly change their collective minds. We complain and protest and they continue to run us down the path to European Socialism because there are no consequences for their actions. They look out their windows and see mass protests believing it will not last as we return to our lives. We have become too civil in the matter of fighting for freedom and they know it. It reminds me of the Chief Dan George in the movie ‘The Outlaw Josey Wales’ when he said that they were the ‘Civilized Tribes’ and would no longer fight against the government.

So is this election the most important of our lives? Yes it is, but will the majority of the population think in those terms? Most have been conditioned to their lifestyle and until there is a reason for them to change and see that dependence on government and counting on the current status quo is a form of slavery nothing will change.
Another reason that each election cycle will be the most important is that if we keep trudging down this path one of those election cycles just may be our last.

This may sound defeatist, but we must continue to ‘endeavor to persevere’ in the cause of individual freedom for if we give up and surrender our God given rights then we have lost the experiment of freedom and every life lost in defending and protecting our liberty for the past two hundred and thirty five years will have been done so in vain.

We send our sons and daughters off to war to fight for and defend our freedoms. It must be our duty, our responsibility, and our obligation to them to ensure that what they are fighting and dying for remains intact upon their return.

So the question remains; how do we convince those two thirds of the citizens that we are heading down a dubious path to the suicide of a nation forged in individual liberty, limited government and free enterprise?

Do Not Raise the Debt Ceiling

I am getting sick and tired of the flip flopping, load of crap that keeps regurgitating itself in Washington DC regarding raising the debt ceiling.

The debt ceiling drama has been going on for decades. Whoever is in power wants to raise the ceiling and everyone else wants to stop raising it. Everyone seems to know that it is bad to keep raising it. So why don’t those in power do what they proclaimed was right when they are not in power. The truth is the truth no matter what side of the aisle you are on. It is a two headed hypocritical dragon this two party system has created.

I am also fed up with threats and scare tactics of the disaster that will occur if we do not continue to reach into the pockets of our children and go deeper and deeper into debt, enslaving their futures. We saw threats of gloom and doom if we did not pass the stimulus package. It passes and nothing got better. Anyone reading this has enough sense to know that you cannot spend and borrow your way to financial independence. Sooner or later the buck stops. It could be here or it could be there, but it will stop.

Right now the Democrats are in power and want to raise the debt ceiling. However, it is not only Democrats that want to raise the debt ceiling when they are in power. Republicans want to raise it when they are in power too. Both parties scream out against raising the ceiling or else quotes from both sides about how bad raising the debt ceiling is would not have been uttered. This is a slow dance of death for America our elected officials are playing. Please pray that they do the right thing for America and vote for what is right for America, not what is right for them or their party at the moment.

For the sake of clarity in this stagnant pile of oozing hypocrisy let’s look at the present round of Raise the Debt. President Obama now wants to raise the debt. He says that Social Security and Medicare payments may stop if we don’t increase our debt limit. A great hole will open up and the world will swallow itself.

Five years ago when Republican George Bush was in office and pleaded to raise the debt ceiling Barack Obama said this “Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that ‘the buck stops here.’ Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.”

Vice President Biden and Senator Harry Reid also campaigned against raising the debt limit when Bush was in power. What changed their minds? Is not raising the debt limit a principle that the United States Government should adhere to?

Is it too much to ask of those that we elect to do what is best for America and the future of our nation? I am getting so sick of the bickering back and forth between the two major parties that I am beginning to think that the individual states of the United States would be better off without a bloated bureaucratic federal government that by all appearances and intents and purposes wants to manipulate, control and reduce to power of the people.

I think we can surmise from all of the quotes from all of the politicians from both sides of the aisles they have all agreed at some point that raising the debt ceiling is a bad idea. Maybe it is time to take action and put an end to this see sawing battle of power. Reduce the spending. Get our house in order. Unburden the states with unfunded mandates and give freedom back to the people, lest we become slaves to the government.

I sure hope they work together to get America back on track because it is most difficult to type with my fists!