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Do Not Raise the Debt Ceiling

I am getting sick and tired of the flip flopping, load of crap that keeps regurgitating itself in Washington DC regarding raising the debt ceiling.

The debt ceiling drama has been going on for decades. Whoever is in power wants to raise the ceiling and everyone else wants to stop raising it. Everyone seems to know that it is bad to keep raising it. So why don’t those in power do what they proclaimed was right when they are not in power. The truth is the truth no matter what side of the aisle you are on. It is a two headed hypocritical dragon this two party system has created.

I am also fed up with threats and scare tactics of the disaster that will occur if we do not continue to reach into the pockets of our children and go deeper and deeper into debt, enslaving their futures. We saw threats of gloom and doom if we did not pass the stimulus package. It passes and nothing got better. Anyone reading this has enough sense to know that you cannot spend and borrow your way to financial independence. Sooner or later the buck stops. It could be here or it could be there, but it will stop.

Right now the Democrats are in power and want to raise the debt ceiling. However, it is not only Democrats that want to raise the debt ceiling when they are in power. Republicans want to raise it when they are in power too. Both parties scream out against raising the ceiling or else quotes from both sides about how bad raising the debt ceiling is would not have been uttered. This is a slow dance of death for America our elected officials are playing. Please pray that they do the right thing for America and vote for what is right for America, not what is right for them or their party at the moment.

For the sake of clarity in this stagnant pile of oozing hypocrisy let’s look at the present round of Raise the Debt. President Obama now wants to raise the debt. He says that Social Security and Medicare payments may stop if we don’t increase our debt limit. A great hole will open up and the world will swallow itself.

Five years ago when Republican George Bush was in office and pleaded to raise the debt ceiling Barack Obama said this “Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that ‘the buck stops here.’ Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.”

Vice President Biden and Senator Harry Reid also campaigned against raising the debt limit when Bush was in power. What changed their minds? Is not raising the debt limit a principle that the United States Government should adhere to?

Is it too much to ask of those that we elect to do what is best for America and the future of our nation? I am getting so sick of the bickering back and forth between the two major parties that I am beginning to think that the individual states of the United States would be better off without a bloated bureaucratic federal government that by all appearances and intents and purposes wants to manipulate, control and reduce to power of the people.

I think we can surmise from all of the quotes from all of the politicians from both sides of the aisles they have all agreed at some point that raising the debt ceiling is a bad idea. Maybe it is time to take action and put an end to this see sawing battle of power. Reduce the spending. Get our house in order. Unburden the states with unfunded mandates and give freedom back to the people, lest we become slaves to the government.

I sure hope they work together to get America back on track because it is most difficult to type with my fists!

One Response to Do Not Raise the Debt Ceiling

  • The Birthright Citizenship Act HR 140 that is now in the House needs clarification.

    Let’s say the bill was passed on May 30, 2015. We understand that would mean any person born on that date and afterward and not having one parent a US citizen would not be a citizen.

    Does it also mean that any person born in the USA before May 30, 2015, regardless of the citizenship of their parents, is a citizen? If both parents are illegal aliens at the time of birth they are still considered a citizens of the USA?

    If so, that is Amnesty for every anchor baby and every person born to illegal alien parents sent here by the Mexican government with their Mexican government produced Guide for the Mexican Migrant aka The Illegal Alien Handbook.

    The anchor babies can then secure a path to citizenship for their parents and all their nofault siblings. There are close to ten million of them. 1.4 million nofaults (Pew) 2.8 million parents 5.6 million anchor babies. Extend that out to the end of the century with an average of five children and the descendants of the anchor babies and nofaults number over one billion. Add the billion nofaults and anchor babies and their descendants to the one million legal immigrants allowed in every year and their descendants which will number one billion at centurys’ end per the Census Bureau and the USA will number at least two billion by the end of the century. But that’s not all.

    After all the thousands of refugees being sent here every day by the United Nations, all the asylum seekers, the Central American illegal aliens, visa overstays and all the illegal aliens that continue to cross the border every day, and their descendants are counted it could be another billion at centurys’ end or close to it. So, after this Amnesty, the USA will number three billion or more by centurys’ end. So that means the count will be close to one billion at about midcentury. This is the result of uncontrolled, mass migration, legal and illegal.

    There has to be a cut off date ending birthright citizenship otherwise the USA is going to allow itself to become an overpopulated, brokendown, poverty stricken country with a shortage in one vital commodity: Water.

    After the 1986 Amnesty everybody was legal and the promise (lie) was made to the American people to build a fence and never again allow the USA to be overrun with illegal aliens. So January 1, 1986 is the correct date for the cutoff ending birthright citizenship.

    This is much more than just ending birthright citizenship. It is whether the USA remains a viable sovereign nation. Everything is at stake here and few Americans and even some of our legislators, realize it. What’s really at stake is whether we the people of the United States of American want to become an overpopulated, predominately Latino country with a large Muslim population.

    Everybody needs to call their representative and their senators and insist that the Congress direct the Census Bureau to do population projections for each category of illegal aliens: the anchor babies/nofaults/parents and another one for the Central American illegal aliens/refugees/asylum seekers/visa overstays/estimates from the border states of all the illegals that continue to step across the border.

    Not having these population projections so we will know where the country is headed is like getting in your car one night, with your children, and starting out on a five thousand mile journey without consulting a map or turning on your headlights. Your just going down the road in the dark without a clue as to where your going to end up.

    While you have them on the phone and in your e-mails remember to insist on the 1986 cutoff date ending birthright citizenship. Otherwise, we can all kiss the good old USA goodbye.

    Urgent! Do It Today!!

    permission granted to copy and reprint

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