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We meet on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 6:30 pm. For more information see "Upcoming Events"

Print out the Meeting Invitation and give to your family and friends.


The Loveland 912 Code of Conduct

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The Loveland 912 Code of Conduct

While our power is in our numbers, our currency is in our credibility.  The 9-12 Project members must engage in activities as described herein with respect and proper decorum.  Although passion from our members is expected and encouraged, it is also expected and encouraged that members respect the right of free speech in others. Be aware that our critics and opposition will utilize any breakdown in discipline to discredit our grassroots movement.

A member may be suspended or expelled for conduct deemed detrimental to the objectives and interests of The 9-12 Project, or in violation of its Principles and Values and rules of conduct.  The member will be given notice of the proceedings and an opportunity to be heard in his or her defense; however the Board of The 9-12 Project will have final say in the matter.

When at events, meetings or any public/private arena as well as in all communications, members are expected to follow these rules of conduct:

  • Follow the 9 principles and 12 Values. If you seek them in your personal life you will display them publicly.
  • Be optimistic, positive and hopeful.
  • Follow through on commitments – when you make a commitment you set an expectation that others are depending on. If you cannot follow through on a commitment then do not commit. If repeated defaults occur, then the Board will consider taking action.
  • Use clear communication.
  • Educate yourself – you cannot educate others or respond to our critics and opposition if you do not know our history and the Constitution.
  • Always state facts – do not state opinions as fact nor deliberately misrepresent the facts. You should always verify the information received to determine its validity.
  • Debate instead of argue – Debate is education, argument is emotion. First seek to find the common ground with others, especially opposition then state an educated position. Try to understand the opposition’s point of view, it is okay to disagree.
  • Profanity, personal attacks and aggressive behavior are prohibited.
  • You may be assertive but not overbearing.
  • Be gracious – it’s not all about you.
  • Reinforce positive behavior.
  • Respect others; use proper titles and polite language.
  • If active in campaigns or running for office you may not present yourself as a representative of The 9-12 Project, it is a violation of our non-partisan position.