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Peace Bro

It is time to end all the unnecessary, fruitless, expensive and foolish wars on the American people. The War on Drugs is a spring off of Prohibition which was repealed in 1933. So what was the Federal Government supposed to do with a bunch of Elliot Nesses after the dreaded illegal liquor was now sold over-the-counter in liquor stores? Why we needed a new villain and let’s call it wacky weed, Mary Jane, pot, weed, or marijuana. We sure needed an enemy and it brought with it a saving of the unemployment numbers. What we had was a well trained prohibitionary force ready to go from alcohol to any other newly named illegal substance. And just why is it that every town across the country needs a SWAT Team?

Nixon named the War on Drugs and we have spent billions fighting it and nothing has changed. Should we continue? Did we not learn anything from prohibition?

Lyndon Johnson though that poor were getting poorer so he initiated a War on Poverty. We tried everything the raise the poverty level and all we seemed to do is raise the bar on the definition of poverty. Nothing has change we still have the same amount of people that are poor only they make more money and live better that those poor of the 1960’s. We have lost the War on Poverty too.

We have also been chasing boogey men all around the globe in the name of preventing terror attacks. We have been scared by our government into thinking that a radical Islamic follower or disgruntled red-blooded all American was going to blow us up with fertilizer and kerosene. This fear has been use against us to limit our speech and control out behavior.

Perhaps it is time to throw off the cloak of these Wars and let us know what it is to live in peace. We have been fighting all of the wars for decades. Maybe it is time to end them and live in peace bro.

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