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Reality Check: The Most Important Election

We have all heard for the past few decades how this election is the most important election of our lives. As each election cycle passes the sheer reality is that statement is imminently true. This election is no different.

We have also made the statement that we need to fight for the taking back of America with the same vigor and fortitude that our Founding Fathers fought for their freedom. Perhaps we ask too much of the citizens of the United States. Our Founding Fathers did not enjoy the freedom and liberty that their sacrifices bestowed upon this great nation. They were oppressed, they hungered for personal freedom, and they had something to fight for; the dream of liberty.

They realized in the Declaration of Independence that people would not rise up as long as the pain was not too bad to endure with this statement. ‘and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.’

We have a divided country, much like was the case before the Revolutionary War. One third see the need for change, one third are happy taking from the government, and the other third will accept whatever the human condition is at the time.

Today many of us see the steady progression towards socialism and communism that has taken place over the past century in America. Many want to enjoy freedom that does not come from a handout from the government, but rather through individual liberty and self-reliance. Then we have close to half of the population that pays no taxes and have been taught well how to exist by becoming slaves to a government that will dole out money and benefits. They do not realize that it can be taken away just as easily as it is given. The other third are happy to have a job and enjoy their big screen televisions, rooting for their favorite sports teams and as long as they have their simple luxuries everything just fine.

With that in mind I don’t see how we can expect the people to rise up and ‘take our country back.’ Too many people are happy in the illusion that we are a free society, endowed with freedom and liberty.

The most important election very well may not occur until there is a complete total collapse in our way of life. When the government can no longer write checks to the masses and our utility bills and general cost of living rises above the middle classes’ ability to afford the lifestyle they are accustomed to, then there will be chaos and we will be in the same position that our Founding Fathers faced. Only then we will be able to convince people that we need to act with the same vigor and fortitude that they displayed.

We have seen the Congress shirk their duties and spinelessly give in to the Executive branch of the government for decades. Nothing short of dragging them out and tar and feathering them and running them out of Washington on a rail will seemingly change their collective minds. We complain and protest and they continue to run us down the path to European Socialism because there are no consequences for their actions. They look out their windows and see mass protests believing it will not last as we return to our lives. We have become too civil in the matter of fighting for freedom and they know it. It reminds me of the Chief Dan George in the movie ‘The Outlaw Josey Wales’ when he said that they were the ‘Civilized Tribes’ and would no longer fight against the government.

So is this election the most important of our lives? Yes it is, but will the majority of the population think in those terms? Most have been conditioned to their lifestyle and until there is a reason for them to change and see that dependence on government and counting on the current status quo is a form of slavery nothing will change.
Another reason that each election cycle will be the most important is that if we keep trudging down this path one of those election cycles just may be our last.

This may sound defeatist, but we must continue to ‘endeavor to persevere’ in the cause of individual freedom for if we give up and surrender our God given rights then we have lost the experiment of freedom and every life lost in defending and protecting our liberty for the past two hundred and thirty five years will have been done so in vain.

We send our sons and daughters off to war to fight for and defend our freedoms. It must be our duty, our responsibility, and our obligation to them to ensure that what they are fighting and dying for remains intact upon their return.

So the question remains; how do we convince those two thirds of the citizens that we are heading down a dubious path to the suicide of a nation forged in individual liberty, limited government and free enterprise?

2 Responses to Reality Check: The Most Important Election

  • My neighbor is a self employed taxpaying family man. He thinks Obama is the best prez. ever! I have tried to show him where he’s wrong, but continues to run along with the ideology of socialism. You can’t convince these people that this man has done more harm to this country in 3 years, than all of the progressives combined in the last 100 years! I am dumfounded in the rampant stupidity of these people. They always have a come back for anything we say or do to convince them otherwise. We get the govt. we deserve! And these folks vote…..

  • I truly think people really are waking up to this what I would like to ask is has anybody gone to loveland to see if the dead voters and maybe the illegal alien voters have been purged I love what they’re doing in florida

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